Crazy Puppy Dinner Time

Feeding time is fairly hectic with six puppies to wrangle at once. We have it broken down into a fairly regimented routine — clean pen of the nine million pounds of accumulated poop, change pads, put down pans of food, clean up more poop immediately after the finish eating, watch as they burn off crazy dog energy.

The pups eat Honest Kitchen ‘Embark’ in the morning and the evening, split into two shallow foil pans. It’s a given that, however many pans I put down, they’ll all try to eat out of the same pan at the same time, on the theory that whatever the other guy has got must be the best. At lunch, the pups eat soaked kibble, and they usually get a small handful of dry kibble before bed as a snack.

Butters and Jellie are thorough eaters. Both of them finish off the leftovers by standing right in the middle of the pan of food, and licking all around the edges. This inevitably results in little green dog food foot prints on the other puppies. For some reason, Pixie gets most of them.

Immediately after eating the pups usually have about twenty minutes of ‘crazy dog time’. That’s where they all run around the pen at full speed, smacking into each other and having periodic wrestling matches. In mid play, they’ll usually stop for a poop. We’ve learned not to put puppies out into the play pen until well after we’re sure everyone is (literally) all pooped out.

Crazy time is followed by sleepy puppy time, aka “quick, take a picture while they’re sleeping time”. Lately, it’s the only chance I get to take a photo of Heart, as her usual reaction now on seeing the camera is to lunge for it and bite at the lens.

Rumble, on the other hand, has decided he’d like to become a male model when he grows up, and greets the camera with an instantaneous, rock solid pose, complete with soulful expression. Pixie’s reaction to the camera seems to be “Jeez lady, get a new hobby”.

The rest of the photos are below, or over on Flickr.