Bunny’s Puppies at 11 Days

How time flies when you’re having fun!

The Bun-lets are eleven days old, and getting cuter by the minute. Have a look!

Bunny’s Little Girl

Fawn Pied Newborn French Bulldog PuppyDo I even need to mention how head over heels in love I am with this little girl?

This photo shows the little girl’s ‘fawn’ side. Her hood (ie; the circle over her eye) is a biscuit color, trimmed with black around the outside edges, and with black eye rims. You can also see the distinctive black ‘freckle’ just above and to the left of the eye – a feature almost always seen on black masked fawns, and very rarely if ever on brindles.

Puzzlingly, her off side hood has NO coloration inside of it – it is almost uniformly black. I assume that this is simply because it is a smaller hood, and the outside black trim almost fills it in completely.

It’s entirely possible that by a few weeks of age, I’ll think she’s a different color altogether. For now, though, she’s a fawn pied – at least in my books.

The Bunny Puppies Have Arrived!

Bunny French Bulldog puppies 2011

Well, after a very exciting (read: I haven’t slept in 30 hours) night, the Bunny puppies have arrived!

2 gorgeous, stripey, flashy, brindle boys with deep black masks, and one tiny little double hooded fawn pied girl (who has been instantly nicknamed “MINE!”). They are sired by Brenda W’s lovely brindle male, Stoli.

The pedigree is here —

I had taken Bunny in to our vet’s office yesterday morning for a reverse progesterone test, with results that said that, while she was dropping, ‘parturition was not imminent’, so we should re check in 24 hours. We made an appointment to have her progesterone re tested this morning, at 8 am, and I headed home with Bunny, sure I was going to have a final full night of sleep. Instead, by dinner time I had a bitch who wouldn’t eat, by 9 pm a bitch who was slightly restless, and by 2 am a bitch who was in the full first stages of labor. So much for technology’s ability to outguess mother nature!

All three kids had healthy birth weights and came out screaming blue murder – we barely had to rub them to get them to start shrieking their little lungs out.

Bunny, on the other hand, had a rather rough time of it. She went through the surgery with flying colors, but then lost a lot of blood after closing. She was shocky and pale, and we thought we were going to end up having to transfuse her. Luckily, time and a lot of heating blankets pulled her out of it.  She’s fine now, and loving her babies already.

I’ll get more photos when my brain is functioning more efficiently — ie; after sleep and/or an entire pot of coffee.

(by the way, all the kids are spoken for)

Bunny Babies

Bunny and Petal

Bunny and Petal, relaxing in the sun

Good news! An ultrasound this morning confirmed that Bunny is, indeed, with child. Apparently all of that plastic chewing has been fulfilling a necessary dietary gap in her prenatal diet. Even so, I think we’re going to insist she stick to actual food from now on (or at least until the kids arrive).

We saw two puppies on the ultrasound, complete with heart beats. There might have been one more, lurking in the background and acting all shy about having its photo taken, but we’re not counting on it. We’ll just call it two and be happy with that. Look for a ton of Bunny baby photos coming the end of February or so…

Delilah will be at day thirty by next weekend. As usual with her, we’re on again/off again – one minute we look and think “Yeah, she might be”, and the next we look and think “There’s no way”. As usual, Delilah has her own opinions on the subject.

Delilah says...

Never trust a Frenchie

Bunny and Mae having a girl fight

Bunny and Mae having a girl fight

Sean and I grow increasingly concerned about Bunny. She seems to have learned some rather unsavory habits over the last month or so – specifically, she’s becoming an unrepentent kleptomaniac. At one time, she was content to simply shred anything plastic she could get her hands on. Now, however, shredding isn’t good enough – she has to steal items, and then bury them underneath her, in her bed. Bunny then perches on top of her hoard of purloined booty, looking angelic and shrugging adorably when we shriek “Bunny! Where the hell is the satellite remote control??”.

Life with circus dogs is always a challenge, a point proven to me yesterday, when I discovered Bunny sitting next to my computer. On my desk. She had either gotten there via my rolling desk chair, or possibly by levitation, a feat I do not put past her. Personally, I suspect she was browsing on line shopping sites, likely because I had stupidly left my credit card sitting in front of the monitor. Well played, Bun Bun.

Later in the evening, Sean found her on the end table next to the sofa, where she was either in the process of attempting to turn on the lamp, or stealing all the lightbulbs.

It’s sad to see a good dog go so very bad, but it’s hardly surprising in a French Bulldog. Some of the hardest cases have even resorted to sled jacking. Next stop, dealing cat nip outside kitty shelters….