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Summer Heat Kills Dogs – Again

Every year I hammer home warnings about what happens to dogs left in hot cars, even for a few moments. Time and again, people underestimate just how hot it can get, and how fast, inside of parked car. Windows partly rolled down? No difference. Parked in the shade? Ditto. The simple truth is that dogs […]

Your AKC Registration Dollars at Work

Since Sean and I are thinking about opening a pet supply store, we’ve subscribed to all the trade publications we can find. One of them, Pet Age, seems to carry advertising that leans pretty heavily towards pet stores that also sell puppies. There are frequently ads in Pet Age from the big mid western puppy […]

The Joys of Being a Dog Breeder

First off, I’m bone tired, so if this post makes little to no sense try to bear with me.. Delilah finally got a wee bit of colostrum at about 2 am last night. The operative term here is ‘little’ – the most minuscule droplets I’ve ever seen out of a bitch. Not nearly enough to […]

Delilah Babies Make Their Debut

Delilah went into labor underneath my desk this afternoon – thankfully, our vet’s office is right around the corner from my office. She delivered four lovely babies (yes, just four – and guess what we discovered? Most of that weight wasn’t puppy weight, it was “My mom and dad have been feeding me four meals […]