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Waiting and Waiting… on mother nature

It is an ironic fact that, no matter how high tech dog breeding may have become, it’s mother nature who still calls the shots. I’ve been hauling Sailor to the vet office for daily blood draws and smears and Draminskis, but it all comes down to timing – when she’s ready, she’s ready. And, like […]

BSL – It's everyone's problem

I’m so tired of people smugly insisting that Breed Specific Legislation – or breed banning, to call it by it’s more actual name – isn’t their problem. We all need to wake up and realize that BSL is a threat to all of, to all of our dogs, and to our decency as a society. […]

Yay for Mae!

Mae’s ultrasound this morning confirmed that she is indeed with child – or rather with ‘children’, to be more precise. We saw three that we’re fairly certain of, with one or two more a possibility. Really, an ultrasound isn’t about counting puppies – it’s about simply confirming that your bitch is indeed pregnant. This lets […]

On Patience and Puppies

Well, we’re still in the waiting and seeing stage when it comes to puppies. Journey hasn’t been bred yet, but we anticipate doing so either tomorrow or Thursday. The date will be based on her progesterone results, the originals of which were lost by Purolator enroute to the lab. Sailor is being bred one last […]