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Filing, Frenchies and D.H. Lawrence

Filing old paper work is an interesting endeavor. You run into things you haven’t seen for years – correspondence from people you’d forgotten you’d written to, snippets of articles started but never finished, research that stalled part way through. I stumbled across an old folder with some of the research I’d used to write an […]

My Heart

Her eyes are a deep chocolate brown, with long dark lashes. Both are cloudy now, and the left has an opaque area that I’m beginning to worry might be a cataract. I haven’t taken her to the doctor yet, out of fear that he’ll tell me she needs surgery. I don’t want to put her […]

Dog Day Afternoon in Phoenix

There is apparently no limit to the amount of cruelty and stupidity which Phoenix, Arizona Sherrif Joe Arpaio is going to be allowed to get away with. In an unbelievable story from the Phoenix News, we learn that during a bungled weapons raid: (A) SWAT team member drove a dog trying to flee the home […]

Defining 'Puppy Mills'

I’ve been thinking about the phrase ‘puppy mills’ for the last few days – what it means, really means, when we refer to someone as a ‘puppy mill’. Some definitions are simple – places like the ones shown on Prisoners of Greed, for example, or the ones Kim Townsend exposes through No Puppy Mills. Sad, […]